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Privacy Policy – Data Protection 
Any personal information submitted while using our website will be handled in accordance with the law on data protection in force at the time in question. 

If you wish to know if we have registered any personal information about you, and if so, what type of information, please contact us by using the contact details provided. The same procedure should be used if you wish to correct the information registered. 

We treat the personal information submitted to us with due care. You can therefore rely on us treating your personal information with the confidentiality and the security required by law from the moment we receive the information. 

We are, however, not able to guarantee the safety of personal information submitted on-line before we receive the information. If you are a child, a young person or if you are not experienced in using the internet, we encourage you to seek advice from an adult before you use the internet and submit any personal information. 

Use of IP Addresses and Cookies 
To ensure continuous improvement of our website we may monitor which parts of the website our users visit and the duration of the visits. 

This monitoring may take place by registration of the IP-addresses and system language and type of our users’ computers and possibly by means of cookies. 

The registration of your IP-address is part of our system administration. None of the information gathered make it possible for us to identify you. 

A cookie is a small text-only string which our server places on your computer in order to monitor your computer’s traffic on our website. The cookie will be updated and returned to your hard disc each time you visit our website. A cookie cannot identify you – it merely recognises that it was previously placed on your computer. It is possible to reject cookies on your computer. You can reject our cookies as well, and we do not require acceptance of cookies in order to use our website. However, there may be certain areas or functions on our website that you are unable to use if you reject cookies. 

Links to other Websites 
We cannot undertake responsibility for the legality of the content on and the administration of the websites that we link to from our website. However, we would like the use of both our website and the internet in general to be safe. We would therefore be grateful to be informed if you notice any illegal or offensive content on the websites to which we link. You can get in touch with us by using the contact details indicated under Contacts in the menu. 

Intellectual Property Rights pertaining to the Trademarks and other Content on this Website 
We and our partners reserve all rights to the trademarks, the copyright protected content and content otherwise covered by intellectual property rights on our website. The content may be downloaded solely for personal and non-commercial use and the downloaded content shall not without our prior consent be copied, adapted or in any other way be subjected to actions which are reserved the owner of the intellectual property rights. 

We reserve the right to take legal action against users who violate our intellectual property rights or misuse our website in any other way. 

Our website may include enhancement software such as ActiveX and Javascript. We disclaim all liability for errors and faults of such programmes and for any and all liability for damage that may directly or indirectly result from your use of such software on our website. 

We also disclaim liability for any and all damage that may result from your use of the content on our website. This includes disclaiming liability for direct as well as indirect loss, including but not limited to loss resulting from incidental or consequential damage. 

We reserve the right to revise or update the above Terms of Use of this website. Updates of the Terms of Use will be posted on this website. 

A note on the spelling of the Company Name 
When referring to the company, please note that the correct way to spell the company name is
A. Film Production A/S. Please do NOT use A-Film, A-film, A.Film, AFilm or A Film, as these are not correct. 

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