Though there are currently no open positions at A. Film Production A/S, we are always open for well-qualified artists for future productions.

The only certain way to apply is by sending it by regular mail. If you do wish to send an application by email, please do NOT send large files. Instead, send your CV as PDF, and link(s) to your work, to
Please note, however, that emails larger than a 5 MB will not be taken into consideration!
We well do our best to answer email applications but this is not 100% certain.

Any material you send WILL NOT BE RETURNED.

Please do NOT send original story ideas, treatments or scripts. For this, contact A. Film Production A/S by email first, as this will involve the A. Film Production A/S Legal dept. Send these to

All applications should be clearly marked
‘Job Application’, and sent to:

A. Film Production A/S
Dannebrogsgade 1, 1tv
1660 Copenhagen V